Product Design. Convince Investors-

Strategic Portfolio Management
The success of action depends on making the right decisions at the right time. For this purpose, the management needs current and future key figures of the portfolio. RealEstimate® meets these requirements with special possibilities for the generation of key figures, the quantitative SWOT analysis and further effective analysis options at the company, product and object level.


Risk and Opportunity Oriented Acting.

Proactive Risk Management
Value-at-risk and other risk analyzes such as stress tests and sensitivities have become indispensable in the risk management of securities portfolios. RealEstimate® combines proven standard methods of valuation and risk analysis with innovative financial modeling. RealEstimate® thus creates a basis for fulfilling regulatory requirements.


Efficient Reporting. Meet Regulatory Requirements.

Controlling and Reporting
An essential component of a modern risk and portfolio management system is the reporting concept. RealEstimate® offers addressee-oriented reporting, whereby all reports and analyzes can be interdisciplinarily combined. Thus, the addressees receive exactly the information they need.