Framework enables quantitative market

Stochastic features provide statistics and

Transfer capital markets theory on illiquid asset

USP: Ex ante cash flow based risk return



iintegrated approach for lliquid asset

Real estate, mortgage, infrastructure, ...

Risk management

Asset management


Value Proposition

Analysis along the entire value chain of illiquid

Portfolio & szenario analysis, stress tests, IRR, VaR, LGD

Identification and analysis of critical

USP: Cross asset class bench-marking (universal language)

Macro and Micro Level

The analysis process is based on the simulation of future market development in the context of stochastic market models. Derived from this, the associated future cash flows of individual properties and real estate portfolios are simulated. Based on the simulated statistical distribution yields and risk figures are derived (for example, risk corridors, value at risk). The procedure offers as an essential USP the linkage of the macroeconomic market view with the micro level of the individual object

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